Igor Dodon announces that he will require to expedite the procedure of oath taking to begin his year of the mandate of President of the Republic of Moldova. The statement was made today by the elected president after the validation by the Constitutional Court of the election results.

Dodon said that he will contact Andrian Candu, Pavel Philip and Alexandru Tanase to discuss the oath.

"Today in the evening or tomorrow morning I will contact the Chairman of the Parliament, the Prime Minister and the President of the Constitutional Court to discuss and ask that the inauguration day to be as soon as possible. I hope that there it will be no delays here. According to the legislation the day is to be appointed by the President of Parliament and the Constitutional Court. They have until December 27 to 28. I will request that it will happen as soon as possible", he said.

According to him, the delay of the validation process of the elections was held due to his political opponents.

"It was done on purpose in order that government to succeed to promote certain anti-popular reforms such as the appointment of the prosecutor general, the opening of the NATO office, the pension system reform," added Dodon.

We remind you that today the Constitutional Court validated the results of the presidential election and the mandate of the elected president, Igor Dodon.