If next Sunday would take place Parliamentary Elections, six parties will accede in the Legislative, and the Socialist Party will be on the first place detached from the others, shows the data of a survey made by IMAS in partnership with the portal Deschide.MD and Conflict Prevention and Early Warning Center.

The study examines the identity aspects (national proud, language, self-definition etc.), perception regarding the relationship between citizens, actual sociopolitical issues, projections over the future of the Republic of Moldova.  

Parliamentary Elections 

The results are showing that PSRM is supported today by almost 20% of the voters. Followed by the "Action ad Solidarity" Party, rated with 11%. With almost equal results will have the Democrat Party, the Communists Party and Our Party - all three parties being rated with 9%. Another party that will pas the electoral threshold is the "Platform Truth and Dignity" Party which would have 7% from the total number of votes.   

Under the electoral threshold is PPEM - with 4%, PL - 3% and PLDM 2 %. Other almost 9% of voters said that would not go to the polling stations.   

The Presidency of the Government

As for the preferences of the Moldovans for the Presidency of the Government, in top are Pavel Filip (15%), Maia Sandu (14%) and Igor Dodon (10%). At the other pole is Valeriu Strelet (1%), Andrian Candu (2%) and Vlad Plahotniuc (2%).

Presidential Elections

Asked to name of the leader suited to be President, 14,6% from respondents choose Igor Dodon; 8,7% - chose Maia Sandu; 5,6% - Andrei Năstase; 5,3% - Vladimir Voronin; 4,5% - Marian Lupu; 3,1% - Pavel Filip and other 3,0% - chose Iurie Leancă.  

47% from respondents named no one.  

The survey "The liberty to be free. Conclusions after 25 years", was realized in the period of July 25th - August 9th on a survey sample of 1144 people with an error margin of error of +/- 3%.

The entire survey you can access HERE [Chapter: institutions, politicians, political parties - pag. 25 - pag. 33].