Out of the reason of filing the appeal from the electoral competitor, Maia Sandu, the Constitutional Court decided to postpone the announcement of the decision on presidential election results until 16.00. According to CCM president, Alexandru Tanase, such practice is not used by the magistrates and it would be, rather, an exceptional case.

"Unfortunately we will announce later the Court's judgment because only today was lodged Ms. Maia Sandu's complaint. We heard the arguments for the first time in the courtroom and it will take some time to prepare the final solution of the Court," said Tanase at the end of the meeting.

We remind you that today the representatives of PAS have filed a complaint which is contesting the results of CCM in the presidential election. In a post on the Facebook, Sandu wrote that the reason why it has been appealed to the Constitutional Court would be the fact that "CEC refused to examine" the appeals, "and the court decided that it does not have authority for this." She added that the elections were not free and fair.

The representatives of PAS said during the CCM meeting that the lack of response from the CEC at the multiple violations has influenced the final result. Among them are "illegal transportation" of citizens to the polling stations for the citizens from Transnistria and the insufficient number of ballots for the Diaspora.

The arguments of Maia Sandu's representatives, however, were questioned by magistrates and the CEC chairman Alina Russu, made it clear that many of those invoked to the institution is not within the competence of CEC.