Action and Solidarity Party today filed a complaint to the Constitutional Court that "the elections were not free and fair".

PAS leader, Maia Sandu, writes on her Facebook page: "The Constitutional Court decided to hold the meeting of examination of the Central Electoral Commission report in my absence. Even if we asked just one day adjournment, the Court was quick to set the meeting for today."

She added that "CEC refused to consider" PAS complaints, "and the court decided that are not covered by them."

"Today we see how the Court qualifies these violations and deviations from state institutions. We will have a full picture of what means today the state in Moldova ".

PAS leader said that "these elections were not free and fair, therefore we contested the announced result by the CEC."

"The State, or who have come to represent it without representing us, was deaf and mute to the irregularities committed in the campaign, and sometimes has been a part of such illegalities. CEC, after two months of not seeing our request that asks for the verification of suspicions of financing PSRM from offshores tells us that it finally sent it to CNA. Until the next election we may receive a response from CNA ... General Inspectorate of Police did not make us wait two months or two years, but told us it cannot find out who was behind organized transportation of citizens at voting in Transnistria, because this territory is not controlled by the constitutional authorities of Moldova. Otherwise it would have found... By the way, the IGP should inform Igor Dodon about this too, that, after the congratulatory message yesterday, apparently he did not know that the so-called authorities in Tiraspol are unconstitutional. In the event of obstruction of vote of citizens living abroad, state representatives have demonstrated their talent for manipulating the law so as to not allow the increase in the number of ballots and later to blame the citizens that were not organized better to vote. Church involvement in the campaign is another serious violation of law, overlooked by state institutions. The Broadcasting Coordinating Council gave evidence of much "understanding", which allowed some political actors to circulate lies through the media at not seen before levels. 5,400 lei fine imposed to PrimeTV channel for news about Syrian migrants clearly demonstrates how much the state keeps accurate information of its citizens," added Maia Sandu.

President of the Constitutional Court, Alexandru Tanase, said at the beginning of today's meeting that so far no complaints have been filed by the presidential candidate, Maia Sandu, such a document is registered only today.

We recall that today the Constitutional Court examines the addressing of the Central Electoral Commission on confirmation of the result of the presidential election and the validation of the Presidential term.

After the presidential runoff from November 13, Igor Dodon won defeating PAS leader, Maia Sandu.

With the announcement of the results, both Sandu and Diaspora representatives have appealed the CEC decision in court. According to them during the elections there were numerous violations of the electoral process.