Igor Dodon congratulates "sincerely" Vadim Krasnoselsky after his victory in the so-called presidential elections in Transnistria and proposes a meeting in the coming weeks. According to Dodon, on both sides of the Dniester lives one nation with a common history.

"According to the first information,  Vadim Krasnoselsky won the presidential elections in Transnistria. This opens a new page in relations between Chisinau and Tiraspol.

I congratulate sincerely Vadim Nikolaevich on his victory and I propose to organize another meeting in the coming weeks in Tiraspol. We have many topics to discuss. I think we could together take out the regulatory process of the Transnistrian region of stagnation. 

On the both sides are living representatives of the same nation. Our common history had many stumbling rocks, but I think there are more things that unite us than divide us," this is the message of the President-elect of the Republic of Moldova.