Speech by the President of the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Igor Dodon, in the State Duma of the Russian Federation

In all these documents, signed by the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation, the two sides have always strived to take into account the mutual interests in political, economic, social and humanitarian fields, in order to create a solid basis for cooperation between our countries.

In the meantime, the leadership and the majority of the deputies of the current Parliament of Moldova artificially delay the development of the existing potential. Unfortunately, not everyone in Chisinau has understood that the national interests of the country should not be determined according to party and false ideological interests.

In order to give concrete substance to the policy of the Moldovan-Russian relations and strategic partnership, I consider it appropriate to prepare and sign a joint declaration on the strategic partnership and to create a joint committee on a high political level, which will provide a platform for multilateral discussions on strategic issues.

Russia, as one of the world powers, exerts a substantial worldwide influence on global processes in the global security field, on the formation of fair international order issues and on the multipolar world.

We feel a prevailing need to strengthen the strategic partnership with the Russian Federation, to develop relations with the CIS and Eurasian Economic Union countries. By the way, this year, Moldova has become the first country to gain the observer status within the Eurasian Economic Union.

Any unbalanced action and attempt to deviate the Republic of Moldova from its status of neutrality could lead to serious destabilization in the country and could leave Moldova in an area of a permanent risk for decades, first and foremost in terms of national and regional security.

We strongly need safeguards based on international law. It is necessary to guarantee the inviolability of the external borders and to ensure the security of the development of the neutral state of the Republic of Moldova.

That is why, how much the critics don’t try to strive at home and abroad, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova know very well that peace on the Dniester has been restored thanks to the ongoing peacekeeping operation.

I am confident that as long as no sustainable and viable political solution to the Transdniestrian issue is identified, as long as a mechanism of maintaining peace and stability in the post-conflict period is not agreed, only a populist or provocative person could talk about the end of the ongoing peacekeeping operation, his aim being the destabilization of the situation in the Republic of Moldova and throughout the region.

I believe that Russia did its best to maintain peace in our country, so that Moldova can, in the near future, achieve its historical chance to develop as an independent, sovereign, territorially integral state, with internationally recognized borders.

I suggest, and hope for Russia’s support, to organize a high-level international conference on Moldova in 2020, the results of which would make a significant contribution to strengthening European security and would initiate the practical implementation of a global project to build a common space of stability and development. My firm confidence is that the Russian Federation can become one of the key participants of this conference.