The Democratic Party candidate, Marian Lupu, is the first nominee for president who presented the required number of signatures to be registered in the electoral October 30th. He succeeded to present already today to CEC the file, including the required number of 15 thousand signatures, within 24 hours of the registration of the initiative group.

15 thousand signatures gathered in just 24 hours after the registration of the initiative - this performance belong to Marian Lupu, the Democratic Party candidate for President of the Republic of Moldova. Thus, Lupu is first of competitors who submitted the necessary number of signatures to be registered in the presidential running for October 30th.

The information was confirmed by sources within Central Election Commission for Deschide.MD, stating that the CEC has yet to verify, for 7 days the set of documents introduced today, including the lists of signatures, after which a decision on registration of the candidate will be made.

According to normative acts, the candidate who presented first the dossier for registration for the presidential race, will be ranked first on the list of the ballots. 

We remind you that Renato Usatai - the leader of "Our Party", accused yesterday the Democratic Party that the Party gathers signatures for candidate registration in the electoral, using the administration resources.