TV channel Euronews conducted an interview with the Prime Minister of Moldova, Pavel Filip, who is in Brussels now. Filip assured that our country will continue the pro-European course established under the Association Agreement and Free Trade Agreement with the EU, however Euronews mentions that the categorical statement of the Prime Minister contradicts the intentions of Igor Dodon, President elect of Moldova, to bring our country closer to Russia.

Prime Minister, Pavel Filip explained this situation in the interview. "I have to make a statement because there is much speculation after the election of the President. The Republic of Moldova, I want to say, remains a parliamentary country. In a parliamentary country decisions are made by the Parliament and implemented by the government. So we still remain determined on our European road", Filip declared for Euronews.

Igor Dodon has said that he will push for early parliamentary elections to sweep out a government that favours closer EU links.

Dodon campaigned on scrapping a trade deal signed with Brussels in 2014. But Filip has just agreed funds in the same city.

"We agreed on micro finance help for Moldova, the amount of 100 million euros, of which 40 million is a so-called grant. But in a few days about 45 million euros will be disbursed for programmes that have been evaluated. It means that we’ve returned to normality in relation to the European Union," said Filip.