The prime minister, Pavel Filip, says that Moldova will continue the process of European integration regardless of the visions of the future president of the Republic of Moldova. He reminded today at the Executive meeting that the Parliament is the body responsible for strategic decisions.

"The government reiterates its irreversibility to the European path. I had discussions with the European officials whom I said exactly the same thing. We are a parliamentary republic, even though the expectations of the candidates for president have been increased a lot. Let us not forget that the strategic decisions are approved by the Parliament and implemented by the Government. The Government is the organ that provides application of these strategic decisions," said Philip at the beginning of the Government meeting.

He also said that from now on the Association Agreement will be implemented with more dedication.

At the same time, the Prime Minister drew attention to the legislative gaps that have prevented the election process. According to him, they will be removed until the next election.

"It has been found many legislative gaps that in the upcoming period will be removed. Once we identify these shortcomings we will have to come up with the required initiatives immediately. If needed,  even we can come with these initiatives, the Government, after what we will consult with CEC. But, the MFAEI as well should consider all these shortcomings that have been in this campaign. Until the next election, they should be removed," he said.