The loss of Maia Sandu put salt on the wound of Platform supporters. Last night, after the presidential election results became clear, the deputy president of Platform "DA", Liviu Vovc and has sent an open letter to the PAS leader. He said Maia Sandu that the members of PAS territorial organizations are arrogant people who did not want to go to rallies, claiming each time that they are part of the intellectual class. Liviu Vovc also said to the loser presidential candidate that the obtained result - both in the first round and in the runoff - was due, in fact, to the work of PPDA members, who were more active than those of PAS, including in complicated regions.

PPDA vice-president also writes that members of his party were ignored by the team of Maia Sandu, eliminating them form the list of observers, leaving them without food packages and chasing them away the places where rallies were planned.

Vovc mentions the negotiations for designating the joint candidate. He said the rules were decided only by Maia Sandu and that she had no plan to withdraw from the race, even if Andrei Nastase would have had a better chance than her.

"No party, no media coverage, no nothing ... what have you counted on. On Facebook?", Liviu Vovc asks rhetorically Maia Sandu.

In the end, he states on his own responsibility, that is the last time he entrusts his work on someone's hands. His position was supported by several people in comments that followed.

The post was soon deleted, but Deschide.MD managed to make a seizure, which we publish below.