The declarations about the new place of stay submitted to the local public administration are valid also for the November 13, 2016 runoff presidential elections.

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) states that the applications to be allowed to vote by the mobile ballot box can be submitted in written form by 6 PM on November 12. On Election Day, applications can be filed in written form by 3 PM, but must be accompanied by a medical certificate. 

Only the persons with visual impairments can submit applications to vote at the place of stay orally as well. These vote according to the electoral rolls for voting at home, compiled by the precinct electoral bureau based on the submitted applications. The applications to vote at home filed in the first round of voting are not valid for the runoff vote.

The persons who will not be at the place of domicile or residence on Election Day can ask for a right to vote certificate from the precinct electoral bureau. The right to vote certificate is issued based on the identity card showing that the voter has the domicile near the given polling place. The certificate enables the voters to cast their ballots in any other polling place on the country’s territory, besides the one where they are registered.