The representatives of Action and Solidarity Party claim that they never asked for money from Ilan Shor, and accuses the rival of Maia Sandu, Igor Dodon, for the transfer of 280 000 lei on the party's account.

During a press conference, the General Secretary and Treasurer of PAS, Igor Grosu, said he has evidence that are based on assumptions that behind this transfer would be the Socialist Dodon.

"PAS has received donations from some Galoi Veaceslav, with a criminal record, who transferred four times the amount of 70 000 MDL. It is a total amount of 280 thousand MDL. It is an attack on the party, because you realize that immediately a blogger has posted copies of some bills; you realize that the bank did not immediately sent the bills to the blogger. Behind this transfer is the rival Igor Dodon, because three days ago in a restaurant that is called "Golden Stag" and it is close to MAI - it was held a friendly meeting between Viorel Melnik, his godgather Igor Dodon, Ion ceban and Galoi Veaceslav," said Grosu.

Asked by the media to comment the statement of Ilan Shor from today, where the mayor of Orhei said that someone from PAS asked him to help the party, Grosu vehemently denied this information.

"Shor and clean money are two antithetical theses. Shor is part that is using Plahotniuc and Dodon. These two individuals have been more active after the debate from ProTV, when Maia Sandu talked about schemes to import meat, and also other things. Shor is not a credible person and I want to tell you that no member of PAS has not demanded money from Shor. We accept only the contributions of honest people. We do not ask support from criminals," added the General Secretary of PAS.

Igor Grosu made an appeal to the CNA, MAI and the SIS to investigate very carefully the situation: "We will put at your disposal all the data that we have." Another call was made to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Alexander Jizdan: "to take his boys from the investigations under the windows of PAS party, because there are more important cases to investigate."

Referring to such transfers, the same source also informed: "Next time, when with such cases shall be registered, we will transfer the money in the state budget, so these people do not use the money in other donkeries".

We remind you that yesterday, the blogger Eugen Luchianiuc has published some bills showing that an employee of Ilan Shor has made a stately donation to the party led by Maia Sandu. The nominee for the presidency confirms that the dubious transaction was made yesterday and that she has already started the procedure to return the money.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the mayor of Orhei, Ilan Shor said that he has transferred money to the account of PAS, because someone in Maia Sandu's team asked for his help. The statement was made today, on the corridors of the District Court of Buiucani.