Scandals come one after another in this race. The blogger, Eugen Luchianiuc published last night some invoices showing that an employee of Ilan Shor has made an impressive donation to the party led by Maia Sandu. The candidate for president confirms that dubious transaction was made yesterday and that she has already started the procedure of returning the money.

Luchianiuc published four bills according to which the citizen Veaceslav Galoi (a dubious character, according to zdg), he is also a representative of the Dufremol company - which belongs to Ilan Shor - transferred to PAS 300 thousand MDL.

"Moreover, the sum of 300 000 has been divided into four, and those from PAS demanded the other 20 thousand that have not been transferred. I mean they liked how come the money ... Without checking where they come from and how. Is Maia Sandu going to act like this as president? She will receive money from ISIS to go shopping. Without verify where the money come from or on what money she flew from Doha to Brussels and then to Chisinau?,"  Luchianiuc wrote on the blog.

In turn, Maia Sandu, recognizes the authenticity of invoices, but says that this is "a new desperate attempt to discredit her, as dirty as the other moves that have been made in this campaign."

"Today, on PAS account was transferred a sum of money of unclear origin, from a person about whom the investigation press wrote that has integrity problems. It is strange that some bloggers have learned about the donation before us," she wrote on Facebook.

Maia Sandu said that immediately after finding out the origin of money, she initiated the return of the received sum.

"We do not need dirty money. We will demand investigation of the case by the police and relevant authorities. Desperate action of perpetrators that denotes fear and makes it clear that they have no limit of morality, fairness and legality. We wonder what other serious acts they are willing to do just to save themselves," pointed out the PAS leader.

We publish below the documents referred to in this article: