The Ukrainian political analysts believe that the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria through a "green corridor" on the Ukrainian territory is possible. This will remove a threat from the southern border of Ukraine and will lead to solving the frozen conflict of Transnistria's reintegration in Moldova.

Ukraine is ready to prepare a "green corridor" for the withdrawal of Russian troops and weapons out of Colbasna. The Moldovan Minister of Defense, Anatol Salaru, and his Ukrainian counterpart, Stepan Poltorak, have reached an agreement in this regard during the talks in Odessa on Saturday.

Asked by the reporter of Deschide.MD, Anatol Şalaru stated that the ammunition from Colbasna is an enormous threat for both the Republic of Moldova, as well as for Ukraine and Transnistria in this sense, by the end of the year, will be finalized the plan of withdrawal of the weapons, but also of the Operational Group of Russian Forces (OGRF).

The expert in political and analytical studies, Victor Taran, believes that the issue needs to be addressed from several perspectives. Firstly it comes to geopolitical perspective, but it should be taken into consideration that Ukraine is at war with Russia. However, the expert is convinced that Ukraine will benefit from this withdrawal, writes

"For Ukraine it is very dangerous that armed groups which count 1,200 persons, outside of mercenaries and bandits, are positioned in southern Ukraine. These groups are able to create dangerous situations for our state. Therefore it is very important that these military forces would be out of Transnistria. The evacuation will allow to strengthen the economic blockade, imposed by Moldova towards Transnistria. Also, this will enable the reintegration of Transnistria in the shortest time within Moldova - 5-10 years," said the expert.

The expert also spoke about how it can be done the withdrawal of Russian troops.

"There is an international practice - how to organize such corridors. Starting with 2014, Ukraine has banned the flights with Russian military men on board over its territory. There are other mechanisms: the soldiers come out with a limited armaments, traveling with vehicles or by train, being accompanied by the Ukrainian soldiers.Then, the military equipment can be transported by rail or aircraft. In fact, Ukraine and Moldova will have only to gain after opening this corridor. This fact provides the ability to remedy a frozen conflict, but this must be done in compliance with international standards," said Taran.

The expert, Andrei Buzarov, believes that it will not come to organize a "green corridor".

"It will not reach no agreement regarding Transnistria. Things will remain at the level of discussions. I do not think it is possible to identify a consensus between Chisinau, Kiev, Tiraspol and Moscow."

The political scientist, Alexander Palli, is convinced that the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria is very real.

"It is very important for Ukraine that the occupants to leave Transnistria. Russian army destabilizes the situation there, and local special forces are controlling the local power and this fact represents a threat to Ukraine," said Palli.

The continued existence of Russian military base in Transnistria depends on the total actions of the authorities of Ukraine and Moldova, writes Yuri Butusov, the chief editor of the Ukrainian newspaper Cenzor.NET, on his Facebook page. The editor emphasized that Transnistria will become a legitimate target if Russian troops will refuse to withdraw from Transnistria, Pagina de Rusia reports.

"Transnistria is tight between Moldova and Ukraine - a total blockade from both countries will force it quickly to return under the control of the legitimate authorities. The Ukraine, in turn, will completely remove the threat from the south and will protect this way Bessarabia.
The continued existence of Russian military base is totally dependent on consistent and specific actions of the authorities of Ukraine and Moldova. It is time to end the gangs which continue to keep open this gate of smuggling on the border of Ukraine. I think it should be introduced on our territory, around Transnistria, customs officers and Moldovan border policemen and any crossing of people and goods to be done only with the consent of the legitimate authorities of Moldova. If the Russian troops are not withdrawn - they become a legitimate target. Therefore, the "the green corridor" for the occupants is not the worst option for them. It's time to chase them home" - wrote Butusov.