A group of priests led by Bishop of Balti and Falesti Marchel calls on the Christians not to be indifferent to the future and to vote on November 13, but to make a correct choice. The priests called upon the parishioners not to vote for Maia Sandu because she poses a threat to the Church. According to them, Igor Dodon is a morally healthy Christian and this should be voted President.

In a press conference at IPN, Bishop Marchel said the Church does not interfere in politics and does not influence political decisions, but explains to the people who can promote acceptable moral values and who violates these.

He mentioned that now the choice is "between a Christian and a non-Christian, a patriot and a non-patriot" because this is how the two candidates positioned themselves.

The cleric insisted that he wants to orient the Christians and warn them that voting for Maia Sandu is not a moral and Christian act as she, as minister of education, in 2013 introduced a ‘noxious’ encyclopedia called "Sex Life" in libraries.

"This sinful book contains filthy photos," stated Bishop Marchel.

He also said that Maia Sandu banned the prayer at the festivities held to start the new school year. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that the ex-minister opposed the use of holy water to splash the students and teachers at the beginning of the new school year.

Asked if Metropolitan Bishop Vladimir allowed him to make such statements, Bishop Marchel said in the news conference he represents the Bishopric of Balti and Falesti and thus does not need the blessing of His Holiness.