President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, has agreed on establishing a green corridor for withdrawing Russian troops from Transnistria. About this announced Minister of Defense, Anatol Salaru that will go on Saturday in Odessa to discuss the details of this issue with his counterpart Stepan Poltorak. The statements were made at the "Point on today" on TVR.

"I had a discussion about a month ago with the Minister of Defense of Ukraine and I suggested him to think about creating a green corridor for Russian troops and weapons from Transnistria to be withdrawn to Russia. Therefore, Ambassador Gubarev declared that they cannot withdraw weapons from Transnistria because they have problems in Ukraine. Then, Minister of Defence told me that he would have to discuss this with President Poroshenko. It was discussed and President Poroshenko agreed to discuss this problem and solve it if they decide to withdraw. And he invited me on Saturday in Odessa to discuss this topic and to tune the details. I think it is very important that we finalize this discussion," said minister Salaru.

Salaru previously talked about three ways of withdrawing the weapons: by land (through the territory of Ukraine); by air (the airport Marculesti) and sea (via Giurgiulesti). "We provide them with all the conditions, they need only to want," said Salaru.

The Minister of Defense stressed that Operational Group of Russian Forces (OGRF) has a contingent of 1,200 troops, less than 1,000, of which only 500-600 are professional soldiers. In fact, the Russian Federation has resorted to a trick and changed the peacekeeping troops, which officially came to Moldova with OGRF troops. Thus, the Russian military could accomplish rotation. To the rotation contributed also the recruitment of Transnistrian population.