A group of mayors from the southern districts of Moldova and a group of members of the Union of Pensioners in Moldova support the candidacy of Maia Sandu in the second round of presidential elections on November 13. In the press conferences, they have urged the citizens to support Maia Sandu, "because only a president as her will be able to launch the process of eliminating the corruption and extricating the country from captivity".

„Of the two candidates, Maia Sandu and Igor Dodon, we must choose as President the one who is closer to the people and their legitimate wishes, the most upright person who is able to make changes for everyone’s benefit and will free the country from the captivity of the oligarchs who are unwanted by the depressed and humiliated people”, stated the President of the Union of Pensioners in Moldova, Victor Leancă.

In turn, during another press conference, the mayors issued a statement, noting that they are bound to defend their communities from "a liar candidate, such as the PSRM candidate, Igor Dodon." In the statement is also said that Igor Dodon is persona non grata in the municipalities of Abaclia, Sadaclia and Cimislia, which are represented by these mayors.

„ We call on you to massively support Maia Sandu in the runoff vote. Only by our direct involvement, can we restore hope in this country’s future, in the future of our children and grandchildren near us. Vote Maia Sandu – a President of the people and for the people”, it is stated in the mayors statement.

The Mayor of Cimislia, Gheorghe Raileanu, said that the corrupt system of Moldova must be dismantled, and the first piece that must be changed is the President.

„We need a person devoted to the nation, who would be sufficiently trained, would have character and would have the abilities needed to manage the country. I think Maia Sandu is the most powerful politician that we had since we declared our independence. She is reliable, young and well trained. She has qualities similar to those of Grigore Vieru. I always compare this svelte woman with Grigore Vieru, who was unbeatable”, stated the mayor.