PL leader, Mihai Ghimpu says he is not disappointed by the result below 2% obtained in the elections from October 30. The head pf Liberals said that the first deputy president of PL, Anatol Şalaru would have received fewer votes than Ana Guțu. The statements were made during the show "The Fourth Power" on N4 tv channel.

"If in my place Anatol Şalaru ran for president he would have received fewer votes than Ana Guțu. Mr. Şalaru was not listed in any poll that appeared before the elections," Ghimpu said.

The President of Liberals expressed his discontent that Anatol Şalaru was not involved in the presidential campaign.

"He does not speak of Unification, he speaks only of NATO, but we talked about NATO four years ago, already expired topic. This gentleman was not involved in the campaign and do not put everything on the inducement of the Prime Minister not to get involved in the campaign. When you are the first deputy president of the party, you should not expect invitation", added Ghimpu.

Asked if the small result that he obtained at the elections, is not a reason to resign as head of PL, Ghimpu said: I'm not Maia Sandu or Igor Dodon to reach the second round by deceiving people with higher pensions and wages, or that I will fight corruption. How to fight corruption when you are supported by those who stole BEM: Topa, Filat, Grecianii... I'm from another dough. It's hard, but my political career is setting and I do not want to be thinking that I did not do what I had to do.

Ghimpu said he did not hear any voices in PL showing dissatisfaction with his performance. "On Tuesday I was sitting and I have not noticed anyone saying a word."

Moreover, the PL President said that he is not very interested in whether or not his party will enter the next Parliament, and most important is the struggle for the unification of Moldova with Romania.

"I do not care if I do not enter the Parliament. I'm not the man who wants to be seen on TV all day. I came to fight for the cause, for the people, not to have a warrant. I was in opposition, or rather outside the Parliament from 1998 to 2009 and did not die as you see. And even now I do not struggle to lie to people, to promise Moldovan language, pasta, potatoes, carrot, cucumbers to get the vote. I have a cause and I fight for it ", said the PL leader.

Deschide.MD recalls that in the first round of presidential elections, Mihai Ghimpu has collected 1.8% of the votes, chosen by over 25 thousand voters.