The leader of "Our Party" Renato Usatîi urged his party members and supporters to vote for Igor Dodon in the run-off on November 13. The statement was posted on his YouTube channel.

"Today the situation is very complicated, there are different opinions. Citizens are again divided into "right" and "left", the West and the East. Today, I cannot support Maia Sandu, because she is a project of Washington, in particular of those Americans who cover Plahotniuc. The values that Maia Sandu is fighting for cannot be accepted by me, besides one - fight with Plahotniuc's regime and arranging early parliamentary elections," he declared.

Usatîi recalled that several months ago he had an agreement with Igor Dodon, according to which the leftist candidate who will get into the second round, will be supported by other representatives of the spectrum.

"Today, Dodon is the only center-left candidate in the second round. A candidate who promises things, including the dissolution of the Parliament, and at his last press conference he announced that Plahotniuc will leave the country. From the political point of view, I can only support a center-left candidate, Dodon. I kept my word, I urge all the supporters to vote for Igor Dodon. Dodon has to fulfill what he has promised. Life will show who and whose is," said the mayor of Balti.

We remind that 8 months ago, after the Constitutional Court has decided the election of the President by direct vote, during a show Renato Usatîi said "this operation", namely maintaining the requirement for presidential candidates to have at least 40 years, was staged by Dodon and Plahotniuc.

"Dodon participated in this plot. Dodon and Plahotniuc perfectly understand who will win. Evidence of this - results of the 2015 local elections... Plahotniuc wants to open a loophole in Moscow. Dodon president - a possibility for Plahotniuc to come to Moscow and say: the parliamentary elections did not succeed, but behold, a pro-Russian president was chosen ... The fact that Dodon is a man of Plahotniuc, I knew a long time ago, but I was trying to get him out of this infuence", he said then.

After the announcement of the preliminary results of the presidential elections from October 30, Igor Dodon announced in a press conference that if the PN candidate, Dumitru Ciubaşenco would have withdrawn in the first round, then Dodon would have obtained over 50%. As a result, Ciubaşenco wrote on Facebook that the elections were rigged in favor of Dodon, who decided to go with Plahotniuc.