The candidate for position of president of Moldova, Igor Dodon, signed a public commitment that after the presidential election he will not form a coalition with any party in the Parliament and will not accept any form of cooperation with Vlad Plahotniuc.

"The first point of the commitment refers to the fact that the president will not cooperate with the oligarchic power of Plahotniuc and will not support this government in any way. Other points of the commitment refer to the basic concepts of the Moldovan Constitution and the wishes of the overwhelming majority of citizens," says Igor Dodon.

PSRM leader signed this commitment during a press conference and informed Maia Sandu that at 13:00 the Socialists will go to the PAS head office to propose her also to sign this commitment.

PAS communicators have not answered the phone to give us a response from Maia Sandu on this commitment of Igor Dodon, but we will return as soon as a position is made publicly in this regard.

We publish below the document signed by the PSRM candidate: