„Electoral political speculation” – like this the first deputy president of PD, Vlad Plahotniuc qualified recent statements of socialist candidate Igor Dodon on that Crimea should belong to Russia. In addition, Ukrainian officials have previously voiced revolt in connection with this allegations of PSRM leader.

In a post on Facebook, Vlad Plahontiuc wrote that the presidential elections in the country "heated up too much the minds of several candidates."

"The electoral campaign heated up too much the minds of several candidates, so I want to remind you that we have a very clear Constitution concerning duties on the approval of the main directions of domestic and foreign policy of the Republic of Moldova:

ART. 66, letter d) PARLIAMENT approves the main directions of domestic and foreign policy of the state.

The European integration and Moldova's sovereignty derives from the recognition of the territorial sovereignty of our neighbors, with whom we must jointly prosper,” wrote Plahotniuc.

We remind that in a TV show on the RTR-Moldova channel ,Igor Dodon said that the Crimean peninsula is a territory of the Russian Federation.

In response, the deputies of Verkhovna Rada in Kiev addressed to Moldovan politicians, especially Igor Dodon, not to make reckless statements.

"Crimea was, is and will be part of Ukraine. This is the UN General Council decision, which will not be canceled by anyone, ever, this is obvious,” they declared.