Central Electoral Commission announced the last day of the campaign. Thus, candidates still have time to convince voters to support them in the elections on October 30.

It should be noted that according to the Electoral Code, electoral campaigning is prohibited on the election day and one day before it.

These days it is not allowed to conduct / reflect the activities / materials related to the electoral campaign or candidates to appear on TV and radio. Also, candidates cannot perform steering to / from the account  of "Electoral Fund".

The continuance of campaigning in mentioned days by the media, candidates and citizens is an administrative offense and is punishable by a fine of 10 to 20 conventional units, for individuals, and 40 to 50 conventional units, applied to the electoral candidate .

There are 9 candidates for position of President: Mihai Ghimpu, Iurie Leancă, Dumitru Ciubaşenco, Ana Guțu, Maia Laguta, Igor Dodon, Maia Sandu, Silvia Radu and Valeriu Ghileţchi.