The Democratic Party believes that the reaction of the common candidate, Maia Sandu, " is an inadequate and emotive one, that sends an aggressive message to the PDM electorate and it disturbs him". At the same time, the Democrats hope in the maturity of their electorate who will "treat with understanding this moment and will vote on Sunday in favor of continuing Moldova's European path".

In a press release posted on the party website it is also said that the Democratic Party "took note of how the candidate Maia Sandu, mistakenly perceived Marian Lupu's withdrawal from the electoral race."

"We believe that this is an emotive and inappropriate reaction that sends an aggressive message to the PDM electorate and it disturbs it. We hope that our electorate will treat with understanding this moment and will vote on Sunday in favor of continuing the European path of the Republic of Moldova. We appeal to responsibility and political maturity, to balance, to avoidance of some strong statements that could discourage the pro-European electorate".

Moreover, in the same press release PDM states that "the chance of victory of the pro-European current in the face of the danger presented by an adventurous alternative for Moldova is that all responsible forces to support transparently this case. These must not fail in the trap of looking for hidden meanings where they does not exists. The Pro-European solidarity must be manifested beyond ideological differences between the parties, beyond personal sympathies or antipathies."

As for the reaction of the Socialist candidate, Igor Dodon, the Democrats believes that behind these statements are noted "the panic and the desperation" of Dodon "generated by the fact that he understood that he will lose the elections"

"Regarding the statements and the allegations of the candidate, Igor Dodon, we remark that the panic and the despair behind them, from the fact that he understood that he would lose the election. The arguments of Igor Dodon in the campaign were based on lies and gross manipulation. Igor Dodon represents the past, and Moldova should bet on an European future" is noted in the reaction of PDM.

Deschide.MD reminds that the PAS leader, Maia Sandu, commented the decision of the President of PDM, Marian Lupu, regarding his withdrawal from the presidential race. Sandu wrote on her Facebook page that she does not need the support from the PDM team, and the withdrawal of Lupu means, in fact that the leader of PSRM, Igor Dodon, is the desired candidate of Vlad Plahotniuc: "PD decided to wash its image by declaring this FALSE support for me."

From the other part the socialist Dodon said that by withdrawing of Marian Lupu in favor for Maia Sandu, made true his previous statements that Maia Sandu is the joint candidate, agreed in Washington by Victoria Nuland together with Vlad Plahotniuc.

Dodon also says that the decision of PDM leader was part of a theater "directed by the Americans, who have the final fusion of all the pro-government and the pro-European forces, in one electoral platform." Moreover: his opinion  is that, who has to lose from today's decision is Andrei Nastase, who became the village fool.