PD candidate fo president, Marian Lupu announces in a press briefing that he withdraws from the electoral race of the presidential elections that are going to take place this Sunday and supports Maia Sandu.

The PD president urged voters of the party he leads, to support the candidate who is most likely to beat the Socialist candidate.

"I analyzed during the today meeting, the latest data that show the last minute movement of choosing the joint candidate did not give expected results probably because it was made very late. A large part of PPDA electorate has actually strengthened not the right but the left wing, in particular the candidate of "Our Party". Even the advance of Maia Sandu is not a considerable one, percentages in polls remain quite close between us, within the margin of error, with relatively equal opportunities for both in the second round.The candidate who will reach the second round should be a pro-European one. Also, the PAS candidate has the best chance to beat Igor Dodon. We have results at the limit. Altogether with my colleagues I have decided to retire from the race. The message that I send to the PDM electorate is to support the candidate who has a chance to beat the Socialist candidate," declared Lupu.

In the same briefing , the First Deputy President of PDM, Vlad Plahotniuc declared that the decision was taken after many consultations with the people, party colleagues, internal partners and of course external partners.

"Today decision may seem a shocking one for some, but for us, for PDM, is a calculated one that emerges from the interests of the country. It is a logical decision, which is primarily in the interest of the country, and at the same time it results at the moment from excessive polarization of the political scene. With this decision we want to strengthen the European vector of the country and make the country's development irreversible. If to think politically in a selfish manner then Lupu should remain in the race because he has a real chance to enter into the second round and that PDM has a chance to score a political victory, but perhaps only momentary political victory. If the numbers and circumstances show that there is another candidate who can have safer opportunities to achieve this goal, we as a party, demonstrate today that we are able to make decisions not easy at all, responsible and important for the country. This decision is the result of multiple consultations with people in the territory, our party colleagues, our partners and of course internal and foreign partners. The fact that the Democratic Party contributes to the win of a pro-European opposition candidate for President. We are certain that this will strengthen the political balance of the country. Of course for us, for Moldova this is a new exercise, a democratic exercise for our country," said the vice-president of PDM, Vlad Plahotniuc.

We remind that the leader of Action and Solidarity Party, Maia Sandu was appointed on October 12 as the joint candidate of the LDPM, PPDA and PAS for the presidential elections.