The joint presidential candidate of PAS, LDPM and PPDA, Maia Sandu accuses General Prosecutor's Office of opening a new criminal case on her name during the electoral campaign, which concerns the acquiring of video cameras for the high-school graduation exam .

In a press conference, Maia Sandu said that she found out in the media today that prosecutors have opened a criminal case on the name of several decision makers from the Ministry of Education.

"Today I learned from the media that on the issue of purchasing the surveillance cameras at BAC was opened a new criminal case. This time on the name of several decision makers of the Ministry of Education from that time and that means also on the name of Maia Sandu, even if General Prosecutor's Office forgot to inform me officially about this,” Maia Sandu states by specifying that previously was opened a criminal case, but then it was classified, the institution she was leading paid the money to the company that sold cameras. 

The representatives of the General Prosecutor's Office denies vehemently the opening of a new criminal case on the purchase of surveillance cameras at BAC.

"General Prosecutor's Office denies the opening or reopening of a criminal case the name of Maia Sandu or several public servants from the Ministry of Education. This is false information and we express our disapproval of the way that is attempted to manipulate the public opinion. In this context, General Prosecutor's Office returns to an appeal made earlier: electoral candidates to not operate with false information and to not use the institution in electoral competitions and political debates," declared the representative of General Prosecutor's Office, Maria Vieru. 

We remind that on October 17 the prosecutor of Chisinau, Igor Popa, declared for Deschide.MD that after the publishing of the information in the press about "the law officials that decided to analyze the actions of several decision makers from the Ministry of Education on the organization of that auction" warning that the criminal process is just in a stage preceding the criminal case.

It should be noted the fact that on May 31, 2013 on the basis of an anonymous complaint examined because it referred to the state interest, a criminal case was opened on the tenders for the purchase of surveillance cameras at BAC. At the beginning of October 2016, the former prosecutor of Chisinau, Ion Diacov, said that the case was closed a few months after being opened.