The former Prime-Minister, Ion Sturza, says that the International Monetary Fund carries "a part of the blame for the disaster from the Moldovan financial system and the theft of the billion," thinking that the Fund does not making a favor to Chisinau by refinancing of 179 million dollars. A statement that looks at least strange from Mr. Sturza, given the fact that everything he said in mid-July that the signing of a memorandum with the IMF is vital for Moldova.

In a post on his Facebook page, Sturza apologizes "to the IMF, the Government, the Ministry of Finance, NBM, Candu & Co, because he disturbed the comfortable of "mezhdusoboychik" (a small party) of the final act of Moldovans humiliation."

The former Prime Minister states that IMF carries a part of blame for the disaster from Moldovan financial system and the theft of the billion. According to the "job description" IMF monitors monetary politics and the financial system. It had sufficient resources and "troops", permanent missions and travels, non-stop access to information. What was done? It was informed for the "file?" I will ask, in my capacity as an "injured" part, as a citizen of Moldova, the Board of the IMF to launch an investigation that we will know what was the role and the (un)involvement of the IMF employees in the disaster of the Moldovan financial system and the theft of the century".

Further on, Sturza opines that the IMF does not do us a favor: "Let no one think that the IMF is doing us a favor. The loans will be repaid. The would do us a favor if they implement their own policies of goof practices in Moldova, transparency and financial governance. It's easy to play along with the locals to hide their own incompetence!"

Deschide.MD reminds that in July the former Prime-Minister, Ion Sturza, said that signing a Memorandum with the IMF is vital for Moldova and has qualified the attempt of the PAS leader, Maia Sandu as an neobolşevism to determine the IMF not to sign a new agreement with current Moldovan government.

Maia Sandu said then in a letter addressed to the IMF that the money that will be offered by the Fund for Moldova could be stolen. The politician also asked to be involved a third party that will monitor the money management.

Afterwards this request of the leader of PAS has sparked a series of reaction not only from Ion Sturza and the Government, the Prime Minister Filip classifying these statements of the former Minister Maia Sandu as an irresponsible and cynical gesture towards Moldovan citizens.