Central Electoral Commission (CEC) voted the submission for review to the Chisinau Appeal Court of the request for the annulment of Inna Popenco registration as a candidate in the presidential elections. The decision was supported by eight members of the CEC.

(UPDATE 17:42): Asked by the reporter of Deschide.MD to comment the CEC decision, Inna Popenco was extremely laconic: No comment. Talk to the lawyers.

On the adoption basis of such a decision was the complaint filed by independent candidate Silvia Radu, who argues that Inna Popenco was present at the event of handing discount cards to purchase products from a social market, which is going to be opened in the near time in Rascani district. The event was accompanied by several electoral banners and information on Popenco in her quality of candidate for president of the country.

Although the Commission has no powers to decide the annulment of Inna Popenco registration, so the file was sent to the Court of Appeal.