Maia Sandu, the candidade of PAS, PPDA and LDPM for the presidential elections in Moldova on October 30, is in Brussels, in an interview with Maia Sandu advocates in Brussels for free elections and seeks support from development partners in their monitoring., she expressed her fears that the elections at the end of the month could be affected by the behavior of the Democratic Party that would intimidate voters and would plan and electoral fraud.

"We a very concerned with authorities attempts to rid the elections. I can bring a few examples. A growing number of people are reporting attempts of intimidation and especially among employees of state institutions, students, or even in the army people are being told to vote for the candidate of the Democratic Party and they are being told to bring proof of the vote by taking a picture of the ballot,” the PAS leader declares.

Furthermore, Maia Sandu says she has evidence of such intimidation and ensures that the authorities are not bluffing. She shows an example of a case that took place during the collection of signatures for the candidates in the presidential race.

"People are being told that, unless, they bring this proof, they’ll have problems later on including they might lose their job. And we know that the authorities are not bluffing, because we have evidence, in the past when collecting the signatures for the candidate of the Democratic Party. Some people, who refused to sign, because they did not support this candidate, lost their job,” she afirms.

The Presidential candidate claims that she knows mayors who were promised money in exchange for votes for the Democratic Party candidate in the community.

"We also heard mayors saying that they were promised money for the community based on the number of votes the Democratic Party is going to get in these elections. So, this is another way of using administrative resources and putting pressure on the mayors in order to determine people to vote for one candidate. In addition to this, there is the press, which is being controlled and they do hidden political advertising, which is against the law."

Maia Sandu, when asked by the Radio Free Europe correspondent "What difference would it make to Moldovan politics and Moldovan life if there was a pro-Moscow president in the country?”, she referred to the PSRM leader, Igor Dodon, who is a faithful supporter of Moscow. Moreover, she also mentioned about the close relationship between him and Vlad Plahotniuc "the so-called coordinator of the authorities in Moldova".

"Well, first, the candidate who calls himself pro-Moscow candidate, Igor Dodon, is a guy who comes from the old Communist Party. He is from the same team as the current coordinator of the authorities in Moldova, the so-called coordinator, Vlad Plahotniuc, who is behind all the corrupt schemes in the Republic of Moldova. So, they are from the same team. There is no going to be change if Dodon comes to power. In addition to this, Dodon is somebody who has been saying over the time that he is going to cancel the Association Agreement and he has been saying that he is going to improve the relations with Russia on the account of the EU relations with Moldova. So, first he is not a person who could fight corruption, because he comes from the same corrupt circles. Second, he would endanger the Moldova’s relationship with EU institutions," the candidate for president declared.

Maia Sandu advocates in Brussels for free elections and seeks support from development partners in their monitoring.

"I am here to warn the international partners of Moldova about the risk I am here to warn the international partners of Moldova about the risk of massive election frauds and to ask for help. We want to have democratic elections, we have the right to have democratic elections and, unfortunately, we cannot count on state institutions because they are not free and independent and therefore we rely so much on the EU institutions", she also said.