PAS leader, Maia Sandu, was rhetorically wondering if Ghimpu's nephew, after appointment as Director of Victoriabank, "will he revise the rate of the preferential credit of 1.5 million lei, offered to Dodon, after this change?"

Maia Sandu question arises in the context in which Igor Dodon has borrowed nearly 1.5 million. lei from Victoriabank, the bank of the first deputy of the Democratic Party (PD), Vladimir Plahotniuc. With this money, the socialist has formalized a purchase of a house of millions, in Buiucani.

Afterwards, during a TV show, PSRM leader said that he took that credit in 2013, with an interest rate of 8% annually. This is despite the fact that ordinary people were paying credit interest of at least 13% annually.

In another TV show, the socialist Dodon said that, in fact, the conditions in 2013 stipulated that when taking a loan, you needed to pay an interest of the 9 - 9.5% annually, but because he has very good relations with the "Victoriabank", the bank which it is said that is controlled by Vlad Plahotniuc, he obtained an interest rate of 8 percent annually.

We remind you that Victoriabank has a new president. It is Corneliu Ghimpu, the nephew of PL leader, Mihai Ghimpu. According to a press release of the financial institution, the new leadership was elected on 14 October by the Board of Directors of the Bank.