Renato Usatîi admits that he gave money to several intermediaries so they would reach the killer Vitalie Proca, but explained that, in fact, he did this as an important witness in a file initiated by an EU country. His explanations were published in a video recording, after prosecutors confirmed today the detention of two people suspected of having taken money from a "beneficiary" to get false testimonies from Proca in the case on assassination attempt of banker German Gorbuntsov.

The president of "Our Party" Renato Usatîi, says that soon on the name of first vice-president of PDM, Vlad Plahotniuc will be issued an international warrant of arrest. Moreover, the mayor of Balti says that Plahotniuc takes more steps to clean himself in front of justice and hide traces of the crimes.

"I have spoken many times that I cooperate with the investigative bodies in several countries and, as I know, Plahotiuc will shortly receive an international arrest warrant," he declared.

Usatîi admitted that he met and gave money to Valeriu Malarciuc, who, as announced yesterday the Prosecutor General's Office, gave money to the family of the assassin Vitalie Proca; he also mentions that he expected to be issued an arrest warrant on his name too.  

"I talked about this the night before last that those who were detained, namely Malarciuc and the second one, whose name the prosecutors have not said, but I say that it was Serghei Ciobanu, president of the hockey club "Platina". I do not know who they also detained yesterday because they threatened about eight searches. They said yesterday that a criminal group altogether with the one in Moscow sent money. The money I sent myself and I confirm it. How and why I will not tell you yet because the investigation is secret. However, I want to say this: that everything I did was coordinated with the investigators from several countries. Today I can tell you that I am a witnesses in a criminal file in an EU country. I want to say that some people do not have only the status of witness, but also benefit from a witness protection program," he declared in a video post on Facebook.

Usatîi says he will make all efforts so that "the truth will come out."

"Today I am abroad. I am currently in Moscow. I promise to go all the way and exert maximum effort so the truth will come out, eventually, as soon as possible. While people like Petrusenco, the one that spoke yesterday in a press conference that met with Gorbuntsov, I want to say them that now I am afraid they will not be prosecuted for attempting to influence an investigation, trying to destroy some evidence, trying to hide details of the investigation that takes place in Romania and UK and that Moldova has nothing to do with Moldova except that they went there several times and tried to throw it on me," the mayor of Balti declared.

Usatîi also said that behind the statements made recently, launched by Russian banker German Gorbuntsov, are Proca's negotiations with Malarciuc.

"I want to tell you that this is true. However, why and what for I can not tell you in detail today, because Plahotniuc already does everything to clean up himself. Six years they did not touch the judge who was handling the case of Proca, but now they were scared and decided to clean up ... Yes Vladimir Gheorghevici, you quickly removed the immunity of the judge who set Proca free. Yes, he set him free illegally, but all these years you have not done anything. Have you heard the phone conversation that Proca wants to tell the truth and you got scared," he stated.

However, the PN leader opened some brackets regarding the the criminal dossier he speaks about.

"Everything I said is documented and are investigation materials in a criminal dossier. I hope that when all things will confirm, and most of them I can say that are already confirmed, then Plahotniuc will get many years in prison for organizing criminal groups in the territory of the EU countries . If everything is confirmed, Plahotniuc will be behind bars for many years. The prison will be an European one, with conditions - comfort, and this criminal group dealing with sale of weapons, document forgery and crimes, will soon be brought to book," he declared.

We remind that, yesterday, the prosecutors announced the detention of two people involved in the Gorbuntsov file. A 44 years old businessman and Valeriu Malarciuc, a 33 year old unemployed person with a criminal antecedents.

They admitted their guilt and cooperate with the investigation. One of them went to Romania, where he met with Vitalie Proca, convicted for an assassination attempt in another case.  

The testimony was supposed to be purchased from Proca in exchange of a sum of 600 thousand dollars. A first tranche of 100 thousand was granted to one of the two detained who has bought more goods including a car, and the second part of the money was given to Proca's wife. The latter has also bought a luxury car.

Prosecutors say they have all the documents confirming this and more phone records that lead to the final beneficiary.

The police says that the final beneficiary (Renato Usatîi - Eds.) will certainly have a procedural status in this file. This, however, is going to be determined later by those managing the investigation.