Maia Sandu, considers that an eventual support that Vlad Plahotniuc declared for her - in the case that Marian Lupu does not reach the second round - is a political strategy to compromise and reduce her chances in the electoral race.

(UPDATE 10:15): After being interrupted yesterday in the debate, Maia Sandu returned today with a full comment on Facebook. She opines that the "support" of Plahotniuc in the second round "will increase the chances for victory of Igor Dodon - a buffoon who has shown loyalty to him over time."

"Plahotniuc is afraid that the three parties have appointed a common candidate. His desperate attempt to compromise me by insulting with his own mess only shows pusillanimity and fear. Knowing that he makes dirty everything he touches, he comes up with the idea that he would support me in the second round. He thinks it will increase chances of Dodon to win the elections. Dodon, who has shown loyalty to him over time, will be a clown that will play into his hands," she wrote.

PAS leader began to comment on the subject last night in the electoral debates on Pro TV, but was interrupted by the socialist Ion Ceban.

PSRM representative asked the Democrat Sergiu Sarbu for whom would vote his party if he had to choose between Maia Sandu and Igor Dodon. The latter replied that  PD will not necessarily have to choose between the two options, because Marian Lupu would reach the second round. Ceban continued with a sarcastic reply: A half an hour before coming to this studio was published on Deschide.MD the news taken from an interview of Plahotniuc: "In the second round, he would vote for Maia Sandu. Igor Dodon is a real threat for Moldova". You did not consult with the party, you'll get your mark and a cut from the salary."

At this moment, Maia Sandu intervened by commenting: It is another game of these two partners here and if Plahotniuc thinks this way he decreases my chances ..... (she has not continued the thought because she was interrupted - Eds.).

In addition Igor Dodon, reacted to the message sent by first deputy  president of PD, Vlad Plahotniuc, in which he threatens him with protests if he becomes president and abandons the European path of the Republic of Moldova. The Democrat said that Dodon is a real threat for Moldova and a man who insists on his wrong and harmful ambitions. Dodon opined that Plahotniuc is not in a position to talk about the revolution, namely because the "revolution lies ahead him."

"I assure him that President will not become neither the Democratic Lupu, nor the member of the AIE governments, voted by him, Maia Sandu. Both are compromised in the oligarchic government. This time the people will decide, not Plahotniuc. Period," concludes Dodon.

Back to Maia Sandu, in order to specify something more important: although previously she said that in a referendum on the Unification between Moldova and Romania, she would vote FOR, last night, at the debates on Pro TV she refused to reconfirm this. "I believe in democracy and I will do what the citizens of this country will want".

We remind you that Vlad Plahotniuc declared yesterday in an interview for the portal Allmoldova that Dodon is a real threat for Moldova and a man who insists on his wrong and harmful ambitions, and Maia Sandu has a proper direction, says what she thinks, even if she screws up often. In this way he referred to the candidate for Presidency who would benefit of the PD support in the case that Marian Lupu would not qualify for the second round.

"Between Maia Sandu and Igor Dodon, I choose Marian Lupu, of course. However, if we compare the two candidates mentioned by you, Dodon is a real threat for Moldova and a man who insists on his wrong and harmful ambitions. He's not a threat for me or PDM, we faced him with no problems so far (see also the motion of no confidence that failed 3 weeks ago), but he has an extraordinary ability to manipulate and could put the country on an extremely dangerous path from the position of President. I think that Maia Sandu has a proper direction, says what she thinks, even if she screws up often, is easily fooled and used in their wars. At least, she seems sincere and I did not see her promote harmful ideas for the national interest. Perhaps she would not be a good president, but I do not think she would destroy the country. Whatever the case is, I stick to the idea that Moldova should be run by a pro-European president”, Vlad Plahotniuc declared.