The Socialist candidate for the President position, Igor Dodon, reacts to the message sent by first deputy PD, Vlad Plahotniuc, in which he threatens with protests if he gets to be President and abandons the European course of the Republic of Moldova, noting that Dodon is a real threat to the Republic Moldova and a man who insists on his wrong and harmful ambitions.

Shortly after was published an interview with PD prime deputy president, Igor Dodon wrote on his Facebook page: "Plahotniuc, the coordinator, came out to the ramp on the last minute of the campaign and does electoral propaganda".

"I understand that he promotes Lupu, I understand that he is protecting Maia Sandu, for which he made an agreement with the Americans. However, why he dares to scare me with the revolution? Does he not know that if there will be a revolution in this country, it will be against him, not under his control. If he forges in favor of his proteges Lupu and Sandu, he will face the wrath of the people. If he does not give in to me as President of the country, he will feel the wrath of the people. If he does not take into account the choice and will of the people, he will have to answer to the people," wrote the Socialist candidate.

Dodon also says that Plahotniuc is not in the position to talk about the revolution, namely because "the revolution lies ahead him."

"I assure him that President will not become neither the Democratic Lupu, nor the member of the AIE governments, voted by him, Maia Sandu. Both are compromised in the oligarchic government. This time the people will decide, not Plahotniuc. Point," concludes Dodon.

We remind you that in an interview that appeared yesterday, Plahotniuc said: "Igor Dodon should think very well on the consequences of his ideas, because if by an unfortunate situation he becomes president and abandons the European path, he knows what I can, he will see what real protests are. If he succeeds to make me a hero of the pro-European revolution, you are going to see how I change my rating in one day. And I do not think he wants this"

If the second round of presidential elections would get Igor Dodon and Maia Sandu and he would have to choose between the two, the Democrat says: Dodon is a real threat to Moldova and a man who insists on his wrong and harmful ambitions.

As for Maia Sandu, Plahotniuc says that "she has a proper direction, says what she thinks, even if she screws up often, is easily fooled and used in their wars. At least, she seems sincere and I did not see her promote harmful ideas for the national interest. Perhaps she would not be a good president, but I do not think she would destroy the country. Whatever the case is, I stick to the idea that Moldova should be run by a pro-European president"