Andrei Nastase's withdrawal from the presidential race in favor of Maia Sandu is directed by Vlad Plahotniuc and USA, and the PPDA leader repeats the mistakes of Vlad Filat, said Igor Dodon, the leader of the Party of Socialists.

The PSRM leader declared today, during a press conference, that he had spoken with Nastase about the single candidate and an eventual withdrawal in favor of Maia Sandu.

"I told him: Andrei, Plahotniuc made terms with Americans to withdraw you from the race and to designate Maia. It is the same as he convinced Filat in 2013. He then drew his sword and went forward on February 13, and now he is in the Penitentiary No.13. I do not agree with his geopolitical visions, but if he gives up - he will play the game of Plahotniuc. However, the nomination of Maia Sandu as a single candidate will not help. To be on Facebook in Chisinau is one thing and another is to sit in the territory”, declared Dodon.

The Socialist recalled the period when he was the Minister of Economy and worked side by side with Sandu.

"I know Maia. She worked under me in 2005. When someone was upsetting her, she was going to cry in the office of the deputy minister," he says.

In addition, Dodon stated that, in contrast with Maia Sandu, „Andrei Nastase has the moral right to be a candidate, because he fought with the system and was not a part of the governmental team."

We must remind you, that many times, Maia Sandu accused Dodon of being that particular project and one of "aces in the hole" of Plahotniuc.