The leader of the Liberal Party from Moldova, Mihai Ghimpu, reacted to the U.S. ambassador's declarations in Chisinau, James Pettit, who said that "Moldova is not Romania", and should remain a sovereign and independent state.

Mihai Ghimpu, shows discontent and regrets the statements made by the Ambassador James Pettit.

"I was shocked and regret the statements made by His Excellency, the U.S. Ambassador in the Republic of Moldova, where he was talking about the relations between those two shores of Prut respectively: „Romania's annexation, for example, as a way to enter the EU or any other reason, is not a practical choice and is not a choice that would make things better here, in Moldova... Moldova is not Romania".

"Regarding to these declarations, I am forced to make the following specifications. It is very unfortunate that His Excellency makes such statements that ot only affect the sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova and the right of the citizens to decide their future, but reminds us the strategy of Imperial Russian diplomacy, that through the infamous Ambassador Kuzmin, interfered in the identity concerns in the Republic of Moldova, saying what books should we use, what language to speak, and, generally, how to identify us as a nation.

From the position of a former temporary President of the Republic of Moldova, that signed, with the former President of Romania, the Joint Declaration to Establish a Strategic Partnership between Romania and the Republic of Moldova for the European Integration of the Republic of Moldova (signed in Bucharest on April 27, 2010), I state, firmly, that the Republic of Moldova has no chance for modernization, development and European integration without the mother country, Romania. The European path of the Republic of Moldova passes through Bucharest", noted Mihai Ghimpu.

PL leader also says that the statements of the Ambassador are more questionable, especially when are being said in the context of aprroaching presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova.

"It is unhappy and incorrect for an ambassador to suggest to the future political candidates what identity project they should assume. What concerns me, with all due respect for His Excellency James Pettit, the State Department and the american nation, whome he represents in the Republic of Moldova, I stated, state and will state firmly, as my grandparents, my parents and my brothers taught me, Moldova is Romania, beacuse we speak the same language, have the same identity and Romania was formed by Moldova and Muntenia, who were then joined by Basarabia, the lower part of Moldova and Transilvania that were occupied by Russia and Austria-Hungary", concluded the politician.

We remind you that a few days ago, in an interview given to the public TV channel Moldova 1, the United States of America Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova stated that "joining Romania for example, as a way to enter the EU or any other reason, is not a practical choice and is not a choice that would make things better here, in Moldova". His Excellency also stated that "Moldova is not Romania".