"A rough insult to the Romanian history", that is how qualified the former President of Romania, Traian Basescu, on his Facebook page, the statement of the U.S. Ambassador in Chisinau, James Pettit, according to which the Republic of Moldova should remain an independent state, and the union with Romania is not a practical choice.

"U.S. Ambassador James Pettit, a Moscow trumpet? U.S. Ambassador in Chisinau, James Pettit, makes theories similar to those of Stalin and Putin's propaganda, offering to Moscow invaluable services by giving a strong hit to the historical realities and supporting the mystification of Romanian history, stating that: "Moldova is not Romania"; "Moldova has its own history"; "Joining Romania is not a practical choice and is not a choice that would make things better here, in Moldova"; "It is important for Moldovans to recognise themselves as Moldovans, a separate nation"; "Moldova, a multi-ethnic country"; "Transnistria should have a special status""; wrote Traian Basescu on Facebook.

He added that he found out from James Pettit that "we and the citizens of the Republic of Moldova speak different languages".

"In other words, U.S. Ambassador in Chisinau strengthens the theory promoted by Stalin and nowadays by Putin, not taking into account the history of Romania. The big question is if the Ambassador James Pettit stated the official USA's opinion or, simply the said words show the misknowledge of the space where he fulfills hs duty. I do not know if James Pettit expresses the point of view of USA, but the Ambassador just managed to spread a thick layer of perplexity and the seed of suspicion of Romania is USA", thinks the eader of PMP

Traian Basescu shows that the statement of the Ambassador James Pettit is a "a rough insult to the Romanian history".

"An official and clarifying reaction from Romania to USA is required", also says the PMP leader.

James Pettit, the Ambassador of the United States of America to the Republic of Moldova stated in an interview given to the TV channel Moldova 1,  that the country should remain an independent and sovereign state.

I consider that it is very important, of course,  it is our policy, I think it is the policy over here too. Moldova should remain a sovereign and independent state within secure borders. Joining Romania for example, as a way to enter the EU or any other reason, is not a practical choice and is not a choice that would make things better here, in Moldova", said the United States of America ambassador in the Republic of Moldova.  

"Moldova is not Romania, Moldova has its own history and its own challenges, like the fact that Moldova is a multi-ethnic country with people that speak different languages and, of course, there is the Transnistrian problem, which is not even under the control of a central government, but needs a special status, hence a special status in the Republic of Moldova", also mentioned James Pettit, stating that the potential is huge.