Dodon states in full electoral campaign that the Romanians are our brothers and that he will not cancel the Association Agreement with the EU, therefore if he becomes President, the relations with the European Union will remain the same.

"We were never against Romanians and we will never be. Romania is our neighbor country, they are our friends, they are our brothers. Our relationships will be mutually beneficial and that is why we will have good, friendly relationships. I am categorically against the unionist movements of any kind - the union with Romania or Ukraine, or Russia. However, with our neighbors, especially with Romania, we will have very good relations..." said Dodon in an interview for Radio Free Europe

At the same time, Igor Dodon, said in an interview for that he is not anti-European neither and that the Association Agreement EU - Moldova will not be canceled, if he becomes the Head of State. Dodon, however, gives the assurance that the agreement will be canceled when the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) will have a parliamentary majority.

"The Party of Socialists calls for the cancellation of this Agreement. The President is not responsible for the cancellation of this Agreement. If sometime, at some point PSRM will get the majority, then yes, he will do everything possible to fulfill our political objectives," said the PSRM leader. 

However, the socialist does not forget that he is a pro-Russian politician and he noted the importance of relations with the Russian Federation.  

"I think everyone is aware, even the most ardent Unionists, that we need good relations with the Russian Federation. We need the retail market from Russia. We must solve the problems of migrants that are hundreds of thousands," said the politician.  

Previously, the PSRM leader said that as the President of the country he could come up with the initiative to organize a referendum to cancel the Moldova-EU Association Agreement. We specify that the Party of Socialists pleads for suspension or cancellation of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement and the accession to the Customs Union.