The Special Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office for the Transnistrian Settlement Process, Cord Meier-Klodt approves of the efforts of Chisinau to create a new political concept for the Transnistrian region, as well as the extension and strengthening of the Bureau for Reintegration

During a press conference that was held today, the Deputy Prime-Minister, Gheorghe Balan stated that there were identified the necessary financial resources to increase the number of staff in the Office.

"The overcoming of the effects such as smuggling, money laundering, trafficking and other negative effects that occur due to certain unresolved conflict. We hope that greater engagement - and a more active one - both of the Bureau and all Moldovan authorities will allow the gradual change of the situation from the field", said the Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration.

In turn, Meier-Klodt, stated that he supports the commitment of the Moldovan leadership regarding the development of the concept for Transnistria. 

"I am pleased to hear from Mr. Balan that they will further discuss the issues that have not been discussed so far. I welcome the Government of the Republic of Moldova for that public commitment that, early next year, will be created the new political concept, which will meet the international recognized parameters, and will stimulate the Transnistrian settlement process. I welcome also the strengthening and extension of the Bureau of Reintegration, so that it can also act better," stated the German official. 

The Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration, Gheorge Balan added that last night they had a meeting with the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Rogozin, and today they will have another meeting with him.

„Ieri, pe parcursul serii, am avut o întrevedere cu domnul Rogozin, după care a plecat la Tiraspol. Și astăzi vom mai avea o întâlnire unde vom discuta despre mai multe subiecte ce țin de reglementarea transnistreană. Atmosfera era una pozitivă și sper că vom avea și mișcări pozitive în acest sens”, a adăugat Bălan.

Special Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office for the Transnistrian Settlement Process on behalf of Germany was yesterday in Tiraspol and met with the alleged foreign minister from Tiraspol, Vitali Ignatiev, was complaining that Chisinau doesn't respect and doesn't implement the Berlin protocol, signed this summer. According to Ignatiev, the negotiations with Chisinau depreciated substantially.

We remind you that Dmitry Rogozin, the special representative of the president Vladimir Putin for the Transnistrian region, is visiting Moldova, and also pays a visit to Tiraspol. The Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin previously postponed his visit to Moldova, which was to be held on October 4-5.