The PSRM leader, Igor Dodon sent a message of intimidation to Igor Grigoriev, after the latter gave an interview to the news portal Deschide.MD in which he revealed - with reference to the words of Ilan Shor - that Platon would have financed the campaign of the Socialists in 2011. Grigoriev classifies the message as a threat, while Dodon vehemently denies the authenticity of this SMS.

The message "You're a totally screwed man" was received by Igor Grigoriev through Viber, from Igor Dodon, at 20 minutes after his interview was published on the site Deschide.MD. 

He considers that Igor Dodon has nothing to be upset of "and especially to threaten his life." 

"Through the interview I gave I just expressed my position and civil attitude regarding many things that happen in our society. I want to tell Mr. Dodon that a head of state must be honest to the people, but the judgement should be done by the people. Each of us has the right to express his opinion. So God help us, through forgiveness, repentance, patience and prayers that are done from St. Mount Athos to orthodox villages worldwide", declared to us Igor Grigoriev. 

Asked why he chose such an attitude and how to parse his message, Dodon has told us: "I have not sent such messages. I think he wants to develop the subject. I just wrote him not to bother me and my family."

Igor Grigoriev also commented Ilan Shor's accusations that have been made in a post on Facebook after the publication of his interview.

"It is natural to have a reaction because they were concerned, but I did not do any personal attacks, unlike them. I said bluntly, about one, and the other. Ilan Shor claims to have become a politician, party leader, with the party called by his name, a total aberration and amorality, which only proves what I mentioned in the interview: he is only concerned with his image and uses a whole team for cynical purposes. The worst is that he uses and manipulates people. It is obvious that what I said is nothing but the truth and truth hurts, but Mr. Dodon and Shor are not statesmen, but are politicians - people who deceive or outmaneuver others for personal gain", added Grigoriev.

At the same time, the former chief of the staff of Ilan Shor, denied the statement of Orhei mayor, that said he has fired Grigoriev for dealing with politics and not the interests of the people. Grigoriev sent us a copy of the resignation request from "Klassika Asigurari" and told us that a similar one must be at the Orhei city hall, confirming his voluntary resignation from the position of deputy mayor.

As said in the interview about financing Igor Dodon's campaign and the subsequent reaction of the PSRM leader, Grigoriev also reminded the statements of Ilan Shor where he talks about the money he gave to Dodon in 2011.

Igor Grigoriev gave an interview to Deschide.MD news portal, where he made several revelations revelations. The former chief of Shor's staff told us that the mayor of Orhei would have confessed to him that "he has financed Dodon in 2011 altogether with Veaceslav Platon." About Ilan Shor, the former deputy mayor of Orhei said that he blusters of projects that de facto generate huge debts in the local budget of Orhei, that Ilan Shor owes him money and he uses the people living in Orhei to solve his problems with justice .

Afterwards Ilan Shor classified the disclosures of Grigoriev as an act of frustration, but declined to comment on each allegation in hand, telling us that they cannot be proved.

Veaceslav Platon confirmed two of the three statements that concerned him in the interview: he knows Grigoriev and he was at Sergiu Sirbu's wedding. Platon did not confirm, however the fact that he might financed the campaign of Dodon in 2011. 

In addition, Igor Dodon qualified "the step on the slip road" of Grigoriev as a "disqualifying gesture that betrays a mental breakdown."