Dodon's solution will bring us to collapse, thinks the PPEM nominee for the function of the President of the Republic of Moldova, Iurie Leanca. He says that the socialist "promises us salvation from Russia, but Russia can barely feed its own citizens."

During an interview for IPN, Leanca says that Dodon, „wants to wipe the slate clean of our progresses regarding our approach towards West. We realized hard reforms and now he wants to destroy them.” 

"It is my duty as a politician to fight for the good of the country, and this good means the path towards West. Therefore, I have an obligation to run and support this process. So I fight with all the forces for our country to achieve western prosperity, so that our country would also have an independent judiciary, to be part of the rule of law. We all know that only by the direction promoted by me all this can happen, not the one that supports Dodon," said Iurie Leanca.

The PPEM leader made understood that in the case Igor Dodon will win the Presidential elections, Moldova could reach a "collapse".  

"I think you've already figured out who is the greatest threat for our country. Moldova's absolute evil has a name and that is Igor Dodon. I make this statement because he promotes a solution that will lead to the collapse of Moldova. He promises to save citizens on behalf of Russia, but Russia hardly manages to feed its own citizens. At the same time, he wants to wipe the slate clean of our progresses made in the approach towards West. We realized heavy reforms and now he wants to destroy them," added the PPEM candidate, specifying that they worked hard to obtain the Association Agreement and visa-free regime. "There are two victories they have achieved, people can work abroad to help financially their relatives in the country, young people can study in the West. Dodon wants to take this from people and I can not let that happen."