The Russian Deputy Prime Minister and the special representative of the president Vladimir Putin for the Transnistrian region, Dmitri Rogozin, comes to the Republic of Moldova.

Rogozin will visit Moldova, and then is going to Tiraspol. According to the Transnistrian news agency Novosti PMR, Rogozin will arrive in Tiraspol, also on October 10-11. The Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitri Rogozin previously postponed his visit to Moldova, which was to be held on October 4-5.

We remind you that 5 days ago the Speaker of the Parlaiment, Andrian Candu, accused Russia of involving in the electoral campaign for the Presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova. Such a statement was made by him in a telephonic interview given to the american publication Associated Press.

Subsequently, the official representative of the Ministry of External Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Zaharova, qualified the statement of the Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, Andrian Candu, regarding the interference of Moscow in the elections from Moldova as "speculations". 

It should be noted that on December 11 will take place the elections for the position of "president" of Transnistria. However, for now, in the illegal elections over Dniester were registered only three candidates. Yevgeny Shevchuk, Irina Vasilachi, known for several interviews that present the corruption near the company of the leader from Tiraspol, as well as the former Minister of Internal Affairs after he was dismissed by the separatist power from Tiraspol last year, Ghenadi Kuzmicev. In order to be allowed in the electoral course, Krasnoselski needs to collect between 8.340 and 12.510 signatures until 10 November.