Both the European Union and Romania will not interfere in the election campaign in Moldova. The Romanian President Klaus Johannis announced about this after a meeting with the Vice President of the European Commission, Federica Mogherini.

The two officials discussed at Cotroceni Palace about the war in Syria, the Eastern neighborhood of European Union, the migration crisis and Europe's security policy but also about elections in Moldova, informs Adevă

"Moldova is important for the EU. We agreed to have a common approach to Moldova. That it would have a sound democratic life and to pursue a course that will be targeted towards Europe. We agreed that it would be unfair to get involved in the election process, to get involved for one candidate or another, without having interference in the election campaign," said Romanian President.

The President of Romania also added that Mogherini is supporting very much the idea of Moldova's joining to the European Union and the fact that Romania has a plan to support actively Moldova's European path.

"I found that Mrs. Mogherini is very open to the idea and I enjoyed it very much. It has been understood very well that Romania has not only a special interest, but also a legitimate interest in the smooth developing of things in Moldova, and we agreed to correlate much better our approaches regarding Moldova. This approaches obviously does not mean to interference in Moldova, but to support Moldova in its European democratic course in the most pure and most sincerely way."

Mogherini and Johannis also spoke about the war in Syria: "Federica Mogherini agreed that the military option is not a solution to solve the conflict in Syria. Diplomatic approach is important. Even if the discussions between the US and Russia came at a small jam. EU wants to be a partner who facilitates the discussions. Romania is one of the few countries that still have an embassy in Syria. We are important because we have a valuable deep links with Syria. We have some contacts that are important to go through diplomatic channels," said Klaus Johannis, at the end of the meeting with Mogherini.