Veaceslav Platon contradicts its own negations. He confirmed for Deschide.MD that he knows the former head of the electoral staff of Ilan Shor, Igor Grigoriev, and that last time he saw him at the wedding of the Democrat Sergiu Sarbu. Platon's statements - offered through his lawyer, Ion Vazdoaga - fight, however, head to head with those that the "No. 1 Raider" has made in the hall of the Court, in response to journalists' questions.

The Deschide.MD editorial office, asked Platon's lawyer to obtain a clear answer to three questions:

a) is he knows Grigoriev;

b) if he was at Sirbu's wedding;

c) if he financed Dodon's campaign.

What Ion Vâzdoagă said:

"Veaceslav Platon confirmed that he knows Igor Grigoriev. They met in 2011 at some debates in the South of the country. He confirmed he was at Sergiu Sarbu's wedding, although he did not stay there long and he also said that he did not finance the campaign of Igor Dodon. Amused, Dodon said that he has serious financiers and that he needs not his pennies."

The same three questions asked by the journalists when he was in the trial court, Platon said - all three times - "No".

The questions from the media appeared after Igor Grigoriev gave an interview to Deschide.MD news portal, which has made several reveals, and some of them have focused on Platon. The Former chief of Shor's staff told us that the mayor of Orhei would have recognized that "he funded Dodon in 2011 with Veaceslav Platon". Grigoriev said that he does not know Platon and that they were last seen in 2013 at Sergiu Sarbu's wedding. 

Ilan Shor described later the revelations of Grigoriev as an act of frustration, but declined to comment on each allegation in hand, telling us that they can not be proved.

Igor Dodon as well qualified Grigoriev's "ramp exit" as a "disqualifying gesture that reveals a mental breakdown."