The yesterday's decision of Central Electoral Commission to register Ilan Shor, who is placed in house arrest, as a trustworthy person of the electoral nominee, Inna Popenco, can be used to repeat the scenario from 2015, when, during the local elections, the businessman was released from the house arrest to participate at the poll.

In this sense we asked for the opinion of the Anti-corruption prosecutor, Viorel Morari, who stated that the CEC's decision is legal, but, in Shor's case it contradicts with the court decision taken previously. According to the prosecutor, Ilan Shor must remain in house arrest to avoid the contact with witnesses and to influence them.  

"CEC's adjudication of a request regarding a potential right in the electoral process is lawful, but in Shor's case, this right contradicts with court's decision, which was issued to ensure the smooth conduct of the investigation. The prosecutors motivated the necessity of preventive measure of arrest and, in my opinion, it not changed any circumstances that would change that decision of the court regarding on his house arrest. Shor must stay in custody to avoid contact with witnesses and influencing people," stated Viorel Morari for Deschide.MD.

More that that, Morari claims that in case the court will accept to change the preventive measures, this would mean that the measure of house arrest applied previously, was illegal.  

"In case if Shor's defense will request his release from house arrest to exercise the right which went to him through the CEC's decision, and the court will accept the position of the lawyers, this will mean that the decision on the measure of house arrest was illegal,” said Morari. 

We remind that yesterday Central Electoral Commission registered Ilan Shor as a trustworthy person of Inna Popenco, who runs for President of the Republic of Moldova from the Social-Political Movement "Ravnopravie", lead by Ilan Shor. 

According to the Electoral Code, the trustworthy person "helps the candidate at the development of electoral campaign, does electioneering for his election, represents his interests in relations with public authorities, voters and electoral bodies." In this sense, Shor's defense may request the release of Ilan Shor under house arrest to carry out the duties provided by law.