The President of the Parliament accused Russia of involving in the electoral campaign for the Presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova. Such statement made Andrian Candu in a telephonic interview given to the american publication Associated Press.

The speaker also said that Moldova needs stability, indifferent of the result of the Presidential elections to minimize the influence of so-called "friends". The article was took over by NY TimesWashington Post, the ABC,NBC and Fox TV stations, as well as the Daily Mail British publication.

The President of the Parliament Andrian Candu stated that the Government chinks that "the Russians are financing political parties and its leaders" and backing anti-government protests. Candu told The Associated Press that Moldova’s leaders also suspect Russia of “manipulating media outlets and doing propaganda.” 

“I try to be positive and optimistic, but there are external factors that are of concern for us,” he said in a telephone interview.

Candu also referred to the provocations that our country has been subdued by the Russia, considering the military exercises that took place in the left side of Dniester river, at which attended Russian military troops and Transnistrian separatist troops. 

In the article that was took over by the entire international media is also quoted our site Deschide.MD, refering to Russian lawmaker Oleg Paholkov, who told last month that Russia is supporting Dodon because he wants to federalize Moldova to include two pro-Russian regions.

Candu is in Washington to discuss the political and economic situation in Moldova with the International Monetary Fund and U.S. State Department officials and others ahead of the Oct. 30 election.