The President of the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Nicolae Timofti signed the decrees on promulgating the laws assumed by the Government. These refer to the transparency of the financial and banking sector, completing the Law on State Budget for 2016 and the conversion - in state debt - emergency loans offered by the Executive to the three banks that were liquidated.

It is about:

- Law No. 232 from October 3rd, 2016 on redressing and resolution of banks;

- Law No. 233 from October 3rd, 2016  on amending and supplementing of some legislative acts;

- Law No. 234 from October 3rd, 2016  on the single central securities Depository;

- Law No. 235 from October 3rd, 2016  on the issue of state bonds for the execution by the Ministry of Finance of the liabilities derived from the state guarantees no. 807 from November, 17, 2014 and no. 101 from April, 1, 2015;

- Law No. 236 from October 3rd, 2016  on amending and supplementing the Law on state budget for 2016 no. 154 from July 1, 2016;

- Law No. 237 from October 3rd, 2016  on amending the Law on the budget of state social insurance for 2016 no. 156 from July 1, 2016;

- Law No. 238 from October 3rd, 2016  on amending Law on mandatory health insurance funds for 2016 no. 157 from July 1, 2016;

Later PSRM, PCRM and PLDM initiated a motion of no confidence against the Filip government failed due to lack of quorum, after the parliamentary majority announced that it will not be present at the meeting. Deputy Chairman of the Parliament, Vladmir Vitiuc, who led the meeting in the absence of the President Andrian Candu, said that due to the lack of quorum, the motion of censure did not pass, and the draft laws for which the Government Filip assumed responsibility are voted and the Secretariat of the Parliament will prepare them for signature to the President of the legislative.

In addition, PPDA, PSRM, PLDM and PN members - but also a group of deputies - have protested yesterday at the Parliament, when the no-confidence motion against the Filip Government was to be debated. The protesters stated that they are against the Government's decision to transform all the state guarantees for BEM, BS and UB in state debt.

The leader of the Socialist Party, Igor Dodon, declared to the protesters in front of the Parliament that a new vote of no-confidence against the Filip Government will be submitted. Dodon stated that the lack of quorum is not a reason that the motion of no confidence should not be examined.