The Prime-Minister Pavel Filip, presented the assumed responsibility of the Government in front of the Parliament for a set of 7 law projects, one of which is the transparency of the financial-banking sector, also the conversion - in state debt - of the emergency loans offered by the Government to those three abolished banks.

In this way, the Parliamentary opposition has 72 hours to submit a motion of no confidence against the Government. 

According to the Constitution, the Government can assume responsibility before the Parliament about a program, about a general political statement or a law project. The Government is dismissed if the motion of no confidence, submitted during 3 days from the day when the responsibility was taken, is supported by the majority of deputies. 

If the Government is not dismissed, the law project that was presented is considered adopted, and its program or the general political statement becomes mandatory for the Government.    

We remind you that yesterday, Pavel Filip stated that the Government is assuming responsibility for a number of law projects that are in the list of the International Monetary Fund preconditions in order to sign a new agreement with Moldova.   

It is about seven laws about modification and completion of the state budget, the completion of the law on social insurance, the completion of the law on medical insurance, also the the transformation of the emergency loans offered to those three abolished banks in state debt. There are also laws that refers to the transparency of the financial-banking sector, inclusively of the bank shareholders.