The businessman Ilie Năstase denies the information that he sold to Vlad Plahotniuc the McDonald's network, a rumor launched in the public space by Renato Usatîi. The statement was made exclusively for Deschide.MD, after our reporters called to check out the information told by the Mayor of Balti.

"No, I did not discussed with no one about this. Neither with Plahotniuc, neither with someone else. It is a lie." stated briefly Ilie Nastase, when asked  by our reporters to comment the rumor.

We remind you that the leader of "Our Party" stated today that Vlad Plahotniuc came into possession of the McDonald's restaurant from Chisinau. Usatai did not give any details about this transaction, but says that the shares were bought from the Romanian businessman, Ilie Năstase.

"Would like Plahotniuc to offer an interview to his TV station "Publika TV, and answer to some questions: in what conditions, when and from whom from Romania Plahotniuc bought a part of McDonald's restaurant shares?", says Usatai. 

The McDonald's officials did not comment the statements of Usatai.

Ilie Năstase initiated the McDonald's franchise network business in 2007. According to "Forbes 500 Billionaires" the former tennis player had, in October 2009, a wealth between 6 and 7 million of euros, comparing to his 10-11 million in 2008.