The Prime Minister Pavel Filip and the Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn signed an Agreement to finance the Public Administration reform that amounts 15 million euro.

After signing the agreement the two officials gave press statements where they focused on the cooperation between Moldova and the European Union, the implementation of the Road Map by the authorities in Chisinau and the way to use of European funds and the public money of Moldova .

Pavel Filip mentioned that "for the government that he leads, the signing of this agreement means a recognition of regaining the normal path of reforms and European direction of the Republic of Moldova."

„We advanced on the relations with IMF and the Road Map, and in the following period we are planning the practical implementation of the adopted laws. I mean here, combating corruption and the investigation of the bank fraud, the change of the audiovisual code and, also, the supervision of the financial-banking system," said the Prime-Minister. 

Filip added that the public administration reform is very important in order to continue the implementation of the association agreement, and the "granted assistance will be valued with maximum transparency and will be managed as good as possible." 

„One of the project that is going to be implemented is a system of transparentization of the public money spending. I have also spoken to Prime Minister Ciolos to see how can they help us on this matter," stated Pavel Filip within this context.

In turn, the European Commissioner declared that the development partners welcome the political stability that follows the political crisis from Chisinau that lasted more than a year. 

„If there is a focus on the delivery, but all of the authorities, the country can make a significant jump forward. This support will contribute to the micro-financial stability", stated Hahn by mentioning that the commitment to the Road Map is important, but also its implementation in the following period not only its fulfillment.

The Official was asked by the journalists and what is his opinion regarding the report of the European Court of Auditors, about which he stated that, in his opinion, should focus on a concrete project.

„Well, I think one has to reflect about the nature of this support. This was budgetary support. I am not a great supporter of a general budgetary support be it in Moldova, be it in other countries. I am more in favor of very concrete projects where we can define the beginning and the end of something and this will immediately improve the quality, the transparency of the use of money, also the European money, if it's more project oriented. My conclusions out of this report which is, by the way, in substance confronting my general concerns about budgetary support is to change the character how we deploy money to countries where we would like to see particular developments in certain areas," stated Hahn and added that the unfulfillment of certain conditions was caused by the political instability.