22 February, 2017

Off Moldova – a new production of Deschide.MD

Off Moldova – a new production of Deschide.MD
FOTO: deschide.md
As we say in Moldova: “In Autumn we count goslings”, but Deschide.MD counts the candidates for Presidential elections, is sighing and launches a new video production: Off Moldova.

Off Moldova will have as a host the actor Sergiu Voloc, and a starting point for these shows will be the editorials of Alexandru Vakulovski. Those two worked together, they know each other for a long time, they trust each other. When one of them is angry – the other one does not get upset, but sighs. On the internet already appeared fragments of their friendly discussions.

When a Moldovan wakes up, he says: of [of means expressing disappointment in Romanian - Eds.]. He says: Of-of when he enters in the market or supermarket. He says Of-of-of when he receives his salary. Our rhythm is very full of sighs. We are like in a Hip-Hop song, but we don’t like to dance. Voloc will dance for us. He will rub salt in the wound with a smile on his face. Our traditional song is called “Of-of”.  

The show will have to Of-s in a week. We will sigh on social topics, we will sigh to politics, and the space where Voloc will sigh will be the streets of Chisinau and significant places of our city.

A new day of work is beginning – of.

It rains again – of.

We have terrible roads – of.

At least honest and smart people are leading us – of.

It is a honor and a pleasure to vote – of.

Principles and values – of.

Credibility – of.

Unity – of.

European path – of.

Police, Law courts, Prosecution – of, of, of.

Protest – of.

Promises – Shut up man!

Turn on the TV – of.

Shut it off - of.

Bills – of.

Facts, not words – of.

Moldova – of.

Off Moldova.

We laugh, we joke we sigh.


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