The party of Putin, United Russia, obtained 54,22% from the votes at the elections for the State Duma, that took place on Sunday, after counting 75% of the ballots. The United Russia leads in those 203 of the 225 uninominal constituencies, according to the Central Electoral Commission of the Russian Federation.

Altogether, in the State Duma have passed six parties: four, parliamentary, then the "Motherland" and the "Civic Platform", according to RIA "Novosti", writes

According to the State Automated System "Vybory" (Elections – Russian), Communist Party was on the second place, with 13,68% from the votes, LDPR (Zhirinovsky) – the third one, with 13,42% from the votes, and "A Just Russia" – 6,16%.

The other parties do not reach the threshold of 5% or 3%.

The United Russia wins in those 203 uninominal districts, A Just Russia and the Communist Party - in seven (each), LDPR - in five, the Motherland - in one and the Civic Platform - in one. The opposition non-systemic parties - Parnas, Yabloko - did not achieve the minimum electoral threshold of 3%.

The presence at the voting was of 47,99% from the total number of electors.

The final data for the Sunday's elections from Russia were announced at 10 AM, Moscow time.